trailer mounted pressure washer Pressure Washers
We specialise in the service and repair of high pressure water jetting trailers and van mounted units for drain and surface cleaning.

adaptors and valves Adaptors & Valves
We supply a range of adaptors and valves, a sample of which are shown on the site.

high pressure nozzle Nozzles & Hoses
We supply a wide range of high pressure nozzles for a variety of pressure washing.

high pressure nozzle Generators
We service, repair and sell generators for domestic and commercial customers. With our support, you can be assured your generator will produce power when needed.

high pressure nozzle Miscellaneous
We offer a whole host of other supplies and equipment, please contact us for more information.

high pressure nozzle Drainage
We provide a comprehensive range of drainage supplies and equipment, please contact us for more information.

High Pressure Water Specialists

Hydro Power UK Ltd are proud to work with major companies in the water industry, leading environmental agencies and independent & franchised drain clearing companies across the UK.

The company are pleased to be able to accept commissions for bespoke high pressure equipment - contact us for a quotation.

We are a one-stop-shop for all of your high pressure water jetting requirements, including vacuum related products. We are happy to satisfy all your needs from simply supplying nozzles, to overnight servicing, sonic inspection and testing of your sewer jetting tankers.

If you are seeking to recondition your current equipment, or have a specific requirement on new builds, Hydro Power UK Ltd will be pleased to discuss bespoke requests and are happy to convert existing machines to van packs.

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